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Permanent and Temporary

For the specialists in marketing recruitment, with more than 11 years’ experience, and a dedication to our clients, trust SK Recruitment.

We help talented people find the ideal organisation that meets with their specific experience, skill level or social cause, whether you’re looking for brand management jobs, business development jobs, digital marketing jobs or PR & public affairs jobs.

With more than a decade in this dynamic industry, our innovative approach to marketing recruitment sets us apart from the crowd. For SK Recruitment, it’s important to find a candidate not only with the right competencies, but that embodies your ideals and your brand, and fits into your organisational culture as a whole.

The objective of matching the right person with the right role seems a simple one but the real test is in the doing and that’s where we really come into our own. At SK Recruitment we don’t just recruit, we add value to your business.

Marketing staff perform a crucial function in any organisation, and by working together with you, SK Recruitment, can help you find the perfect marketing professional.

Our clients are looking for candidates from across the sectors so that they can benefit from the latest strategies and tactics, marketing technology and analytics, and methods of other leading industries.

We source the following

  • Marketing Recruitment
  • Digital Marketing Recruitment
  • Search Engine Marketing Recruitment
  • Digital Media Recruitment
  • Marketing Coordinator Recruitment
  • Brand Manager Recruitment
  • Marketing Executive Recruitment
  • Marketing Assistant Recruitment
  • Brand management
  • Business development
  • Digital & online
  • Event & subscription
  • Internal communications
  • PR & public affairs
  • Product marketing
  • Stakeholder management

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